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We are seeing a huge spike in cases across the country. Therefore, more efforts are put into protecting Americans against contracting viral infection until a vaccine or drug can be developed to protect us from the virus, which may or may not work. But, a healthy immune system really does work to prevent sickness and death from bacterial and viral infection and the ensuing inflammation that is so destructive to the body tissues, and in this case, the lungs.

A vaccine provides artificial immunity to protect against a specific viral infection, whereas the natural, human immune system can provide immunity to all kinds of infections.

We have all been advised to avoid large crowds, wash our hands, wear a face mask, stay a minimum of 6 feet from others, and all the other usual precautionary measures. While these measures are all excellent, not at any time has the subject of a healthy diet been advised or discussed to increase the health of the immune system and, therefore, reduce the risk of contracting the virus and preventing inflammation. Inflammation is the root cause of 98% of all disease.

The American diet, of refined, processed, fast foods, high in sugar, carbohydrates, and cheap vegetable oils, constantly maintains a consistent level of inflammation in the body. We are a nation of inflammation!

****Changing our diet and maintaining a more healthy lifestyle will increase our resistance to all diseases including infection and inflammation. (Nutritional Consultations with a Freshlife Wellness Coach are now available, in person with proper social distancing or virtually if you prefer.)

We have survived for millions of years without drugs and vaccines. A healthy and nutritious diet will, over time, build a healthy body with a greater resistance to all disease.

We can also add plant medicinal extracts to our daily regimen that are known anti-inflammatories. The most studied plant with over 15,000 studies for a variety of health conditions is curcumin. You can find a number of studies regarding curcumin BCM-95 on PubMed.com, a scientific website. These studies indicate the effectiveness of curcumin BCM-95 as a very effective anti-inflammatory, possibly as effective as many drugs. Controlling the inflammation and supporting the immune system may significantly reduce your risk of contracting a viral infection. If you decide you are a candidate for the vaccine, you can also add the curcumin which is not counter-productive while accepting the prescription for the vaccine.
Recent news used with permission from Terry Lemerond of Terry Naturally and EuroPharma

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