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How much CBD do I need?

With all the different concentrations to choose from, you may be wondering, “which one is right for me?”. The truth is, that the amount of CBD needed varies per person, not per condition. Which can make it difficult to set standard dosage recommendations when each individual’s experience is so unique. Our lowest concentration, at 150mg, is a great amount for individuals who are taking CBD to promote overall wellness and maintain current health conditions.

To make it easy, we often recommend Green Gorilla 600mg Pure CBD Oil for people who are still trying to figure out what dosage best fits their needs. With the 600mg bottle, the CBD user will start to see noticeable results or improvement, at the recommended 5 pumps = 20mg a day for a month, which is one bottle’s worth. Feel free to experiment and increase the amount to achieve desired results. The 600mg is an ideal choice for the new CBD user to test out and build up with. In the case of more serious conditions or ailments, starting at an even higher dosage may benefit the individual better. Customers with more questions regarding a personal concentration preference are encouraged to contact us by visiting Freshlife or calling to speak with a Wellness Coach.

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