The Many Uses of Essential Oils

The Many Uses of Essential Oils Essential Oils. They’re everywhere. And they are amazing. But where do you start? What are they good for? Do you need “other stuff?” We at Freshlife are familiar with these questions and we have

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CBD – The Myths And Facts

CBD – The Myths And Facts There have been some confusing reports recently in the British media about a compound in cannabis called CBD and how it has been reclassified as medicine. At which point you may have assumed that Theresa May

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Kombucha: Fermented and Functional

Kombucha: Fermented and Functional Kombucha (pronounced com-boo-cha) is a fermented drink that has been in existence for as long as the Great Wall of China. Yet, it’s just now growing in popularity right here in Central Pennsylvania. Kombucha is a

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