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Kombucha: Fermented and Functional

Kombucha (pronounced com-boo-cha) is a fermented drink that has been
in existence for as long as the Great Wall of China. Yet, it’s just now
growing in popularity right here in Central Pennsylvania.

Kombucha is a chilled fermented fruit tea that is often referred to as the
“mushroom tea” because of the mushroom-shaped scoby created by the
yeast and bacteria that develop during the brewing process. The drink
ferments by adding the scoby culture of bacteria and yeast to a mixture of
tea, sugar or honey, and whatever fruit, flower, or vegetable desired. As the
drink steeps, it becomes highly acidic – giving it a slightly tart vinegar-like
flavor. The final result is a highly nutritious functional beverage that offers
numerous health benefits.

Averaging about 30 calories per cup, Kombucha is enriched with probiotics,
enzymes, and antioxidants that help counteract free radicals within the
digestive tract. The effect helps boost overall immunity and aids in digestive
health. It also provides about 20% of the suggested amount of daily B
vitamins. In addition, its high levels of antioxidants make Kombucha
helpful in liver detoxification.

Here at Freshlife, we offer numerous varieties of Kombucha. In our cold
beverage case, you can find various flavors from brands such as GT’s and

Stop in and try some today!