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Meet Kim

I’d like to introduce myself to those of you who don’t know me, my name is Kim Watne. In addition to being a Freshlife Wellness Coach, I am an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. If you are struggling with health goals I’d like to invite you to set up a Consultation with me at Freshlife. The coaching sessions I offer are truly an incredible value you won’t find anywhere else! Prior to your first session, I will have prepared a list of questions along with potential diet, natural supplements, fitness, and lifestyle recommendations to fit your unique needs. In the hour that we meet, I will make adjustments to your recommendation list as I learn more about you, so you have a plan that we both feel confident you will be able to integrate into your lifestyle and help you achieve your goals. You will learn the four pillars to a healthy life and we will discuss tips and tricks for helping you improve those little talked about areas. My goal is to assist you in discovering the optimal diet, fitness, and lifestyle for your unique personality health conditions and body type.
Our Six-Month Transformation program is ideal for anyone who is ready to create major changes to their health and wellbeing that will be sustainable for a lifetime. It often begins with a detox program that will rid your body of unwanted toxins that are slowing you down, rid you of food addictions and reset your metabolism. We then begin the process of tailoring the best diet for your unique individual needs. I will be your guide every step of the way, helping you to find the perfect exercise program and use natural supplements in a safe therapeutic way. I will hold a space of kind compassionate care for you, hold you accountable when needed, cheer you on, and supply you with new recipes and/or fitness and lifestyle tips at each session. I love sharing my passion for health and wellness with my clients and seeing how enhanced health can bring greater success and happiness to their lives, and the ripple effect it tends to have on their friends and loved ones as well. Hope to see you soon!”

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